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The History of Anti-Wrinkle Patches

A former Beauty Model and Health & Beauty Consultant and Business Owner invented the Anti-Wrinkle Patches

Joanna is the original founder of the Amazing Anti-Wrinkle Patch for Ageless Skin, and an inspiration to all interested in Health, Wellness, Fitness, Diet and Beauty.  Joanna now acts as a consultant.

From top runway modeling to busy mother of 3 active boys, she’s been in the Health and Beauty business since her teenage years. If there is anyone you can ask about the secrets of staying slim, trim and beautiful, Joanna is one of the most informed. For many years in the United Kingdom she ran a Health & Beauty Salon with slimming being the major focus.

As a top Scottish Model and subsequent owner of her own modeling agency, she has kept in touch with many of her former models and clients.

Over the years aging and the inevitable wrinkles has become a major concern for many of them. She kept hearing stories of how they were having difficulty aging gracefully.  As she listened to these tales of woe over and over she set about studying the aging of the skin.

Joanna decided the invention should go to market and produced the SCI Anti-Wrinkle Patch.

Beautiful Eyes should be Looked Into

Anti-Wrinkle Patches will lessen the focus on your wrinkled under-eye skin and more on the twinkle in your eyes.

A Glowing Complexion is also a Lifestyle Choice

From not smoking to drinking plenty of water and taking enough essential vitamins, will always help keep your skin from aging prematurely – along with your Anti-Wrinkle Patches.

Joanna’s best friend and model for many years had taken to smoking as a way of curbing her appetite. Absolutely not the right choice!

Joanna explained that smoking was one of the worst environmentally damaging products to the skin and would increase wrinkles prematurely, especially around the eyes and upper lip.

She reminded her friend of the H2O regime that she had insisted on during their modeling years. Joanna also reminded her friend that vitamin C was essential to her collagen production for good skin formation and that every time she smoked a cigarette she was depleting her body of 25 mg of the most essential vitamin, namely vitamin C.

Needless to say her friend took all of her former teacher’s advice to heart. She gave up smoking, took a course of SCI’s Anti-Wrinkle Patches and started back on her Perrier water. She is absolutely delighted with her new appearance and her glowing complexion. She is wrinkle free and has never smoked another cigarette to this day. She was also delighted to share Joanna’s advice to all of her friends.

Joanna is a visionary and started an online ecommerce web site in early 1997, when online shopping was very new. From there SCI began to grow through many distributors from all over the world.  Now SCI is owned and operated by Browserweb Inc., a media and distribution company based in Houston, Texas.

Our Bonus Offer

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